Concrete Products And Garden Ornaments A Business Idea

Concrete Products And Garden Ornaments A Business Idea

Making concrete blocks, garden knick knacks and other concrete products is a wonderful business opportunity.

The top selling garden ornament is concrete bird baths. Demand is huge and they sell on the spot.You can produce a variety of these effortlessly with hand made molds and you can market them to local building supply or garden stores. Moving these heavy items from a faraway supplier is expensive. These companies will be pleased to find a local supplier who has low overheads and affordable prices.With no transportation costs you may make an excellent profit from your projects.

Concrete Products And Garden Ornaments

You can make many other types of garden knick knacks from either hand made or commercial molds and you will discover a ready sale for your products. begining part time,in your garage maybe,you reduce all risk.Plywood and sheet metal will be the only materials needed to make your cement block molds which makes starting cost low.The appropriate concrete mix is made from Portland cement, gravel, sand and water in the correct quantities. As your business builds you may decide to go full time when you are ready. You can also make many other types of concrete products for outdoor ornaments and garden furniture from available plans.Vases,large and small,including ‘Ali Baba’ style vases,are easy to make without having molds.You can study the simple production methods quickly and make a wide variety of these.They are very common decorative items for patios and gardens.Your basic business of concrete block producing can be enhanced by these items.They are easy to produce and very profitable.

Off course, you can also make concrete pavers, concrete sleepers, lightweight concrete products, and all types of precast concrete products.

For volume production of concrete blocks you will require a concrete block making machine.Commercial models are obtainable.They’re quite expensive however. The additional option is to build your own machine.From readily available plans you can build a great concrete block making machine.the elements are used auto parts,sheet metal and a few odds and ends. manufacture one of these at very minimal cost and it can turn out all the blocks you will need quite easily.

As business grows you will probably need to rent office space large enough for the racks needed to house your cement blocks for drying.You will also need a helper to move the concrete products from the machine to the racks.At such a point however your business is likely to make enough profits to more than justify the additional costs. You can establish your own concrete products business on the well-recognized shoestring. With hard work it will rapidly grow into a full-time very profitable business.You can stop your job and be a full time concrete products manufacturer.The sky is the limit in this business enterprise. Demand never dies for concrete products and you can have income you could only dream about while working at a 9 to 5 job.

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